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8/10/2018 Frongello Dart Out Chart for '01 games

8/10/2018 Frongello Dart Outs Discussion

03/25/2018 Optimal Darts Cricket Strategy

03/15/2018 Titanic Deck Plans By Class

09/28/2016 Linking Example (with Annualization Example)

02/07/2013 RGB to HSL Color Converter

03/31/2012 Householder Reduction

12/30/2010 Two Way Lookup and Lookup False in Excel
Example assigns a Composite code based on size and style

10/23/2010 Salary Based Retirement Calculator Excel Solver Macro

10/23/2010 Dvorak Keystroke Counter Excel Macro

6/24/2010 Modeling Credit Default Swaps and Geometric Brownian Motion in Excel

3/4/2010 Principle Component Analysis of Monthly Yield Curve Data

2/16/2010 Power Method for Finding Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

2/6/2010 Cholesky Decomposition example